Hi, I am Lurchr.
I keep track of what’s shared by your team so you can stay focused on work.

You might recognize this

An interesting link is shared in one of your team’s many slack channels. After a few seconds one of your team mates writes something about a different topic. Another one posts a gif (ah, the gifs). By the time you check the channel, the story is long gone. It’s a shame.

That's why we have created Lurchr

Lurchr is a bot that automatically collects the links shared in your public channels and saves them for you in a beautiful, and fully searchable, interface.

How to add Lurchr

All you need to do is add Lurchr to your slack team and he will go to work right away.

Once added, Lurcher will start trawling your public channels in search for the links you have shared. And don't worry, Lurchr never logs any of your messages (just links) and cannot see into your private channels.

Never miss an interesting story

Kill FOMO with Lurchr. You can focus on your work and avoid being distracted by each link shared in your team. Lurchr keeps all the news for you.

Catch up on the chatter

Coming back from a long vacation? Curious to know what’s buzzing in the marketing team? Lurchr brings you the best stories from last week, last months or any specific channel.

Find what you are looking for

Finally all the links in one place. Find what you have posted or what your teammates have posted. No more trying to remember the exact headline. Lurchr brings full text search for all your links.